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The Sit.Saturdays at Sunrise

Our 6:30am saturday morning sunrise Sits are for everyone, we welcome kids, families, singles, couples, people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and beliefs to share in this simple community experience powered by the breath. 

Please note:
Children under 18 must attend with a parent.


We use a simple 20-minute meditation sequence based
simply on breath and the sounds of nature.
No experience is required and we welcome beginners and advanced meditators.

our 3-step meditation session comprises of:

A welcome circle

the meditation
the completion circle

welcome circle

We start right at 6.30 am and welcome everyone to the circle, particularly all our first-timers. We always give everyone the instructions for the Sit and it is the same every week. 

Please follow any instructions regarding health and safety (covid-19) during the welcome circle.

meditation sequence

Please take time to ensure you’re comfortable prior to starting the session.

We recommend bringing suitable attire plus any additional support you may require to make yourself
comfortable and safe – including; pillows, wraps, chairs, etc.

The leader will begin the session by raising their hand at the front, indicating the start of 3 deep breaths  and letting go – closing eyes.
This is followed by a 2-3 minute drop into the present moment using your senses.
Following this period, naturally drop into a relaxed but easy focus and awareness upon breath, and the rise and the fall of the chest  for the remaining time.
Your leaders will provide further details around the meditation practice, how to manage thoughts and distractions and can answer any other questions you might have.

At the conclusion of the 20 minutes, the leader will play gentle music or will announce the end.

We encourage you to sit for a minute or two at the end of the session to acknowledge or reflect  upon any 
changes or  shifts in your ‘self’.

completion circle

At the conclusion of the Sit, we will form a circle once again, to reflect upon and discuss insights and the experience.

There are 4 themes that we introduce each week as part of the finish circle:

  • Sharing – Sharing of chai tea
  • Kindness – Random acts of kindness
  • Gratitude – Appreciation for life and nature
  • Environment care – Looking after the earth, rubbish clean up

At the end of the finish circle, we invite you to share the experience with friends and the community.

join a sunrise Sit.


Founded by Jason Partington with his first
sunrise Sit on Avalon Beach, NSW


Our community has sat with 1000
Saturday sunrises

56 541

The number of people who have been directly impacted by the difference we are making

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