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The Sit. Where it all Began


The movement officially launched in December 2018 under the name Making Meditation Mainstream (MMM) by Jason Partington, in response to an alarming increase in suicide rates and mental health challenges experienced in the Northern Beaches community of Sydney.

Mindfulness meditation is now recognised as an effective treatment for mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression. As such, Making Meditation Mainstream, as it was colloquially known, was a proactive initiative to provide the community with free, weekly opportunities to experience the benefits of meditation and mindfulness in a very accessible way – without religious or overly spiritual overtones.

The sessions offered more than just meditation, they were a beacon of positivity during challenging times. Making Meditation Mainstream sessions offered support and friendship, shone a light on themes like gratitude, sharing, kindness and environmental care – but most of all – they supported community and affirmed an appreciation of Life.

Starting on Avalon Beach, Jason placed the first Making Meditation Mainstream kite banner in the sand and began offering weekly meditation sessions at sunrise to his local community.

Soon joined by his good friend Mike Britton, and then by 10, then 20, then 40 and sometimes up to 50 locals every week.

Making Meditation Mainstream quickly spread as more people experienced the power of the sessions, and they too wanted to bring it to their local community.


To date, Making Meditation Mainstream has grown to 20 locations and is supported by over 70 inspired and passionate volunteers and leaders who all believe in the power of meditation and community.

Throughout the past three years, Making Meditation Mainstream has surpassed multiple milestones and received many accolades, including:

  • Raised over $75000 for Lifeline
  • Launched three successful national online meditation events which supported thousands of people during covid-19 lockdowns
  • Supported by Roland Music, Rea Group, Laing & Simmons Real Estate, Prana Chai etc.
  • Northern Beaches council Australia day awards – community event of the year 2021
  • Mentioned in Federal Parliament by Liesl Tesch MP and Jason Falinksi MP for its contribution to the community, 2020 and 2021
  • Finalist of the Westfield local hero community awards 2021
  • Launching its first overseas location in Switzerland and Devon, United Kingdom
  • Invited to be a part of Lululemon – global Here To Be community
  • Featured in various magazines and local newspapers

Making Meditation Mainstream undertook the first leg of the journey and now passes the baton to

For it to become what it was born to become, a Global Meditation Movement.


dec 2018 - avalon beach launch
april 2019 - north narrabeen launch .
may 2019 - mooloolaba launch
registered as a not for profit organisation with ACNC
july 2019 - north manly and south manly launch
july 2019 - wanda beach launch (moved to oak park)
aug 2019 - laing & simmons 1-year corporate sponsorship
sep 2019 - terrigal beach launch (moved to north avoca)
dec 2019 - freshwater and dixon park launch
feb 2020 - bondi south launch
april 2020 - ocean beach and dee why launch
may 2020 - the 24-hour breathing room live event
august 2020 - brunswick heads launch
oct 2020 - 28 for twenty eight campaign raised $31500 for lifeline
jan 2021 awarded community event of the year by northern beaches council
april 2021 - mentioned in parliament by liesl tesch mp on international women’s day
july 2021 - westfield local hero finalist
aug 2021 - invited to lululemon here to be global community platform
aug 2021 - woolgoolga launch
oct 2021 - 28 for twenty eight campaign raised $38000 for lifeline
nov 2021 - mentioned in federal parliament by jason falinski mp
jan 2022 - bronte beach, north avoca and oak park launch

The Sit Journey Continues...

The Sit.

Join our movement across Australia and the world and become part of the ripple effect.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.