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the Shift

about the course

we know from experience that life can be difficult – there are ebbs and flows, highs and lows, challenges and victories.
for many of us, chasing the ever-elusive ideal of a future state of ‘complete happiness’ often leads to disappointment, stress or overwhelm.
that’s why the Shift starts by embedding the foundation of a simple and powerful daily meditation practice.
through this practice, you will learn to cultivate the capacity to meet whatever life dishes out and respond appropriately with greater clarity and power, through a state of acceptance and non-reactivity.

moreover, we no longer have to hold our happiness hostage for some future state, sitting over the horizon

with a clearer and calmer mind, learning to meditate makes managing life, and managing ourselves easier on many levels. self-awareness is key to self-management.
the Shift then builds on this state as we sit together ‘in circle and connect authentically with others.
by sitting and sharing around the metaphorical campfire, and learning specific processes and structures, you are supported and guided in the practice of clear and vulnerable communication.
with practice, and in the safe container of ‘circle’, we cultivate these transferable communication skills, giving you life tools to navigate into deeper, more authentically connected relationships.
with connection, capacity and community, we can move forward and through whatever life brings; we can create a life that works, not just for ourselves, but also for those around us.

course structure

after completing the Shift six week course i was able to understand how integral meditation as a practice is to living my best life and increasing my capacity in all aspects of my world. 

leroy wiseman and bobby petty created and maintained a beautiful and vulnerable space for all members of the course including myself to feel safe and welcome to share the struggles we were dealing with and the achievements.

this course has lead me to creating a consistent meditation practice and founding amazing connections with like minded men.”

leroy britton

What The Men Have To Say

I’ve been meditating on and off for many years now but never managed to get into the habit of doing it consistently. That happened till I signed up to this course after being referred by a mate who spoke highly about it.

The habit of meditating consistently is the single most important thing that you can do to change your life for the better (hands down). Jason @ M4M will walk you through that journey in a secular way.. there is no religion, no airy-fairy stuff. On top of learning how to incorporate meditation into your life as a habit, you will also be able to connect with likeminded guys who are attending the course for the same reasons as you do.

If you are thinking about it but unsure as it’s something you haven’t done before, get out of your comfort zone and give Jason a call or send him an email. It’s worth it!

Ernesto Vinagre

This course was great for me. Jason and the team involved live & breath (literally) this stuff and it made a big difference learning from someone who is passionate about the difference that meditation can bring to our lives

The course was well structured, allowed me to learn about the basics of meditation and move from very little experience into making meaningful changes in my life through the practice.

There was a real bond created among the guys as we learnt and practiced together. Highly recommended.

Joshua Hinton

If you want to really find out about yourself – do this course. If you want to stop worrying and start living do this course. If you want to see the world as it really is – you know what to do. It’s genuinely exciting and it has the capacity to change your life. Mark.B.

Mark Bannerman

The first time I did the course in December 2019 coupled with a Meditation for Men retreat profoundly changed my life and invoked my passion for being a change maker for men’s mental health. This, the second time I have completed the course, has cemented this passion as my purpose and enabled another level of growth in me to inspire other men to do likewise.
Thank you Meditation for Men organisation for providing the path, tools and support for me to come from life’s struggle to having my head above water to grow in the future and help other men do the same.

Scott Mitcherson

Something I never thought I would do but gave it a go as M4M was highly recommended. I had tried meditation previously and it was more of a reactive process than proactive. What Jason taught me has certainly changed the way I look at meditation and some thing I will use for the rest of my life.

Matt Haggerston

I just completed the 5 week, level 1 course and it was a real game changer. I’ve toyed with meditation on and off over the years, mostly off, and never got any real traction. This course was an eye opening “deep dive” that has left me feeling calm, balanced, focused and positive. I’m now looking forward to cementing the practice into daily life. I highly recommend this course to any man looking to improve their mental and emotional health.

Stuart Latham

I Just completed the Meditation for Men course at Manly. The last 5 weeks have given me the opportunity to reset and create a clear pathway towards mindfulness. Jason is an absolute legend who is totally committed and authentic in his approach towards teaching the practice of meditation. I totally recommend this course to anyone who is looking to improve their life on any level. Also met some great Blokes along the way! Thanks Jase! Awesome stuff!

Chris Munro

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