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the Practise.

about the course

We know from experience the power that comes from consistency, being in action and being supported by others

For many of us, the consistent discipline of maintaining pillar practices, being at cause in our lives and living consistent with our vision for ourselves can be difficult to maintain.

That’s why the Practise course follows on as the next step for graduates of the Shift and the Practise Fundamentals course.

It is the jewel in the Sit crown of courses and is created for leaders who are committed to embedding these practices and supporting others to do the same.

The course also builds on the framework created through the previous courses to support leaders to Live A Life Of Integrity that is aligned with their individual sense of purpose.

The course follows a 12-week rhythm with participants and their facilitators meeting on a fortnightly basis in small groups of 8 participants.

Each quarterly period is dovetailed with a half-day recalibration.

“Life is difficult.

This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths.

It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it.

Once we truly know that life is difficult – once we truly understand and accept it – then life is no longer difficult.

Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters.”

― M. Scott Peck, the road less traveled.

course outline

Week One

Setting The Framework And Starting The Work

A key focus for the course is creating a life rhythm (schedule) consistent with the lives we are committed to living.

In our first session together we review the cultivations and life facets model as the basis for creating this structure.

Week Two

Pillar Practices, Priorities And Life Rhythms

Defining what we mean by pillar practices and priorities we do our first deep dive into all areas of our lives from activities with friends and family to our professional roles, money management and the personal legacy that we are creating.

A literal dive into every facet of our lives.

Week Three

Creating The Rhythm & Where Does It Go

Now that we have a clearer understanding of what we want to do and how we we want to spend our time we now focus on where to put that information, how to reference access and track it.

We become clear on how we spend our time, how to share it with others and how to be organised in a way that feels freeing.

This is liberating as so often structure can feel like a constraint.

The voice & the healing arrows in my quiver Mike Sherpa Britton The Sit. Blog

Week Four

Deepening The Rhythm Calendars, Control Buckets, Projects And Reviews

We experience what it feels like to live by the rhythms we have created and how powerful it is to be supported by others in implementing these practices.

We distinguish that everything is a practice, that life is an ebb and flow and that we are either in action or not in action.

To quote the Jedi Master Yoda “Do Or Do Not There Is No Try.”

Week Five

Being, Completion & Transition

In our final session in this course we explore the idea of who we are being and how important who we are being is in the context of what we are doing.

We explore the cultivations model and internal foundations and the clarity that comes with committing to and practising a specific way of being.

We also explore the Sit ecosystem, what it means to be part of the ripple effect and what the next steps are in the Sit journey.

For attendees who are up for really deepening this work there is the opportunity to move into our leaders in action course.

course Investment

The investment of the course is $75 per week and includes all sessions, the quarterly calibration and access to your sit facilitator outside of our regular meetings.

We are committed to keeping our courses accessible and affordable which is why we have Subsidies, Scholarships And Payment Plans Available.

Scholarships are provided by previous course attendees and subsidies are offered by people and organisations who have participated in our courses – a testament to the Power Of This Work.

course logistics


Our course is delivered by people who are deeply immersed in this work and can talk from direct experience.

It is our humanity, authenticity, vulnerability and integrity that is the basis for this and that is what our facilitators


This makes them approachable and inspiring.


The course is delivered online in a small group setting.

Attendee Composition

The course is offered in gender specific formats ie men only, and women only as well as mixed gender groups.


The sessions are 2 hours and programs are run at night, early morning and during the day.

See our registration icons for the specifics of each course.

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the Shift 


the Practise
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the Shift 


the Practise
with mike & jason


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the Shift 


the Practise
with mike & jason


by invitation only