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welcome to dee whysunrise Sit.

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Meet by the lifeguard station – The Strand, Dee Why, NSW 2099


the dee why sunrise Sit is for everyone

We welcome kids and families, singles, couples, people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.

Please note: children under 18 must attend with a parent.

We use a simple 20-minute breath meditation based on nature.

We have no affiliation or links with any other religion or spiritual organisations.

Each session is split into:

welcome circle

meditation sequence

completion circle

what our community say about dee why sunrise Sit.

Just a wonderful group, highlighting a good cause, bringing community together. A great "feel good" environment connecting us with our surroundings.
Leanne Bannah Ne- Boyle
I’ve only been doing the sunrise meditations for about 3 weeks . Being a live meditation has made me want to get up every morning and participate. I never stuck to the apps. I’m finding it’s making such a difference to my day and I really look forward to the sessions.
Joanne Pannett Walker
This is a wonderful way to start the day with fellow locals who are friendly and kind I look forward to making it as often as possible!
Rachel Banks

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