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The Shift.


Companies have a responsibility and a vested interest to take care of the mental health and wellness of their employees.

One of our clients recently said to us:

“I want to take care of my team, never before have they been under so much pressure, change, uncertainty and stress… I want to them to be able to take this opportunity to step back, so that they can step in.”

The covid pandemic is creating new challenges for companies to overcome.

With more and more employees working from home in hybrid or work from home situations, never before has it been more.

challenges for companies

  • Mental health or fitness at all levels of the organisation
  • Managing workplace environments or hybrid workplace options
  • Constant and unprecedented change requiring a resilient workforce able to deal with these environmental shifts

our approach

  • We focus on 2 parallel contexts – Connection to Self and Connection to Others.

– In relationship to self, we focus on developing 4 internal foundations – Purpose, Presence, Trust and Resilience.

– In relationship to others, we focus on developing 4 principle ways of being – Curiosity, Vulnerability, Trustability and Service.

  • We take these relatively complex ideas and keep them real and practical rather than philosophical and hypothetical.
  • We also focus specifically on practice building as our participant adherence model.
  • We find that small group environments (online or face to face) is the ideal format for imparting this work.

"care is the
new currency"

satya nadella

Exec. Chairman & CEO
Microsoft Corporation

The Shift.

Creating a deep inner connection with self and others

  • Meditation – An exploration into identity, blueprint, and ego. Developing a deep personal connection.
  • Mindfulness – Experiencing the power of the present moment, developing ‘response versus reaction’, creating opportunities and space for more conscious and holistic decision-making
  • Breathwork – Consciously discovering breath through a range of activities and experiencing its benefits in relieving stress and increasing focus
  • Capacity and resilience building – Life unpacked in a simple but profound way, and skills and tools to meet the ebbs and flows of everyday life.

leaders in action

Foundation course

  • The fundamental building blocks of our “Creating A Life That Works” approach
  • Participants explore their own practices and values through specific lenses and models that we have developed i.e. our cultivations and facet models.
  • Through the process of the program, they become clear on where to focus and how to focus their energy.
  • The program also focuses on adherence, prompts and tools that enable these new values and behaviours to be modelled and practised.

leaders in action

development course

  • An opportunity for participants to explore these newfound values and practices with other like-minded individuals
  • These small format groups create an opportunity for a guided conversation that allows attendees to freely discuss their victories and challenges within this new framework
  • Peer to peer support and accountability becomes a very powerful learning tool.
  • The safe and constructive environment supports attendees to explore and integrate these practices.

Companies Who Made the Shift

“What amazing course that will teach you, in a very practical & structured way, how to meditate & get this new habit to permeate every aspect of your life. 

In a small group & a welcoming environment, this course is facilitated by Jason, a great bloke who speaks from his heart. With real passion, Jason will get you into the life changing world of meditation.

If you haven’t meditate before, give yourself the chance to learn a skill which will change your life for the better. you won’t regret it! Thank You Jason!”

rafael reyes conde

“I’m just a regular guy living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, I have a great family & lots of friends but i’m not happy, so I wanted to experience mediation. 

I called & immediately connected with Jason as his own background was similar to mine & in a touch of fate they had the Shift starting the following week so I signed up not really knowing what to expect.

I found myself in a room of 13 men of all ages & backgrounds but with one thing in common & that was we all have something missing from our lives and hoping meditation & this group could help.

Fast forward 5 weeks, I’m amazed how open everyone has become & how after just 5 weeks of commitment to meditation so many lives have changed for the better including mine. I strongly believe that this course, Jason & the guys who I have met have changed my life for the better & I’m looking forward to the future where meditation will play a huge part in my life.

If your feeling the same way but something is not right, I recommend you reach out to Jason, have a chat & do the course – after all we owe if to ourselves to be happy.”

russell bebb

“I’ve just completed the Shift & it has been one of the most beneficial courses I’ve ever done. 
I had the typical thoughts us blokes have about meditation but it has turned out to be life changing. Highly Recommended.”

jamie gray

“I completed the Shift, it was so good for the mind to relax & understand what’s important & help get a better insight of yourself – Highly Recommend It.”

cooper williams

“the Shift is something I recommend to any man at any age, it has truly changed my life.
The change in all 5 men that were in my class is immense. As a tradie, I didn’t think meditation would be something i would ever do, but I’m so happy that I took the first step & gave it a go.”

nathan close

“I went through the first meditation for men course in Avalon – Jason creates a great, no incense, no kumbaya, no drum circle environment for blokes to come together and experience the benefits of a regular meditation practice. 

Since the course, the guys have continued to meet up to meditate & exercise on the beach & we also went away to the snowy mountains for an awesome long weekend of hiking, laughs & a few frosty beverages (after climbing Mt Kosciuszko, you’ve got to have a few Kosciuszko pale ales.)”

james daly

short written testimonial
short written testimonial
short written testimonial

course format

*All our programs are 5 weeks in duration are supported by mentoring, online and offline resources

  • 5-week online course format (face to face also available. – covid dependant)
  • Small group formats in all courses (maximum of 14 attendees)
  • Experience-based and group workshop platform of education
  • Supported by accessible online resources
  • Consistent feedback and mentoring
  • Weekly challenges
  • ‘Buddy’ / partner work


  • Pre-course wellness consult
  • Post-course feedback and report

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Begin your team’s journey with the Shift. education, currently available across the world