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Zero to ZEN

How are you from zero to ZEN?

You may not be at zero in this very moment… hopefully you are a little further up the scale. But you may not quite be at zen yet, am I right? 

It could be that you are struggling a bit, a lot… or somewhere in between.

Maybe you keep hearing about the benefits of meditation but don’t feel that you fit into the guru-flowing-hemp-dress-with-neck-beads-burning-incense type category. Yes?

Or perhaps you think you think too much (NB: this is a popular thought, you’re not alone!)

Does the idea of stopping for a moment seem unproductive? You’re just too busy, you have way too much on your plate to be still! (Hear the penny drop?)

Maybe you are a little curious why everyone is now talking meditation is the new norm.

Whatever your reason, welcome to this raw and authentic download about why I think meditation is ESSENTIAL in 2023.

So, what you'll get is this...

  • Why meditation is the new black – & all its crazy good benefits
  • The difference between life with meditation and without it What makes this practice so damn effective
  • How to take it from a good idea to a solid daily practice.
  • How to kick the sh!t out of the idea that you’re not a good meditator (hint: there’s no such thing as a bad meditation)
  • 3 super easy principles that will take you from zero to zen
  • Heaps of other good sh!t that you can expect if you meditate Oh, and there’s a free giveaway that ROCKS!

Your ZEN Coach

My name is Jason Partington, co-founder of The Sit Global.

So get on this and set your
2023 with some solid